Cherry-Picking Auto Insurance in FL

Oct 28, 2009

What must the auto insurance consumers of our state think about the profit levels of car insurance? Gauging it by the advertisements that we are all bombarded with there must be insane profits to be had, right?  Seriously, to watch GEICO, Progressive, Allstate and others advertise relentlessly makes you wonder why they fight so fiercely over a product whose profits are supposedly regulated by the state.

Maybe it’s because they don’t write property insurance in Florida. You were aware of that, weren’t you? None of the companies mentioned above currently write property insurance here, plus a slew of other national and regional carriers as well.  Although they all do write property in nearly every other state in the country. Why is that, you wonder…?

Maybe it’s because there’s not an altruistic bone in their bodies for one. And, they’re exploiting the state’s failure to enforce its own regulations to their advantage for another. How convenient that they all only offer vehicle insurance in Florida. They’re allowed to cherry pick the auto business and leave you to your own devices for property coverage. Ask yourself this…what is your biggest concern about insurance (not health insurance) in our state. Of course, it insuring your home….EVERYONE faces this dilemma of not only losing their coverage but also having to choose between a host of non-rated, start-up insurers that are, frankly, scary. The ability to get a GEICO or Progressive Homeowners policy, with their massive financial strength, would be a nice option to have here, would it not? Too bad for you….but quite convenient for them wouldn’t you say?

All these companies continue to cherry pick the vehicle lines here unimpeded even though anti cherry-picking laws are already on the books in FL because the state does nothing to enforce them. Watching them all fight over your car insurance without even a peep from them about your most pressing and important need, is sickening to me. And unfair. Where’s the governor on this issue?

Our agency continues to represent the best home insurance carriers we can find. We will always look to solve your property insurance needs and provide you with the best possible options available. While it would be easy to celebrate not having to compete against those big names, I think our state is hurt by allowing this selective marketing to go on.

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