Homeowners Insurance and the Auto Advertisers

Jan 17, 2011

Automobile insurance companies continue to flood the airwaves with relentless advertisements exhorting their rates and the savings that can be achieved. How many hundreds of millions of dollars are they spending to put out this message and what must the average consumer think about it? No product is competed for more than automobile insurance and so the inference by the public must be: "'just how profitable is auto insurance since these companies are fighting so fiercely over it"? Fair question, but one that I think misses the point in our hurricane-plagued state of Florida. To me, the question should be: "but what about my Homeowners insurance policy... does anybody care to fight over it just a little"? The answer might astonish you, but GEICO and Progressive, to cite the top two advertisers, DON'T WRITE HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE....Not in Florida they don't. So, lets get this straight, these two mega-insurers who spend like drunken sailors to advertise for your automobile insurance business choose...CHOOSE, to ignor your needs for Homeowners insurance and "cherry-pick" just the business THEY want. But, what about what YOU want? Homeownwers insurance in Florida is a huge mess and is expected to worsen, with more carrier cancellations and higher rates expected in the future. What do these companies plan to do to assist you? NOTHING! Progressive writes this business in every other state but Florida. GEICO, those wimps, "partner" with independent insurers and routes your request for a quote to those carriers' websites. The whole thing seems grossly unfair and selfish. Meanwhile, how do you, the insurance consumer in Florida, make fair and balanced decisions on where to purchase your insurance. Start with a professional Independent Agency, like Bissell & Associates in Jacksonville. We've been solving the needs of consumers for both Automobile and Homeowners insurance for decades. Why give your money to a company that CHOOSES to ignor your most pressing need and leaves you dangling to fend for yourself. Bissell & Associates represents dozens of automobile and homeowners companies and can solve BOTH of these issues quickly and, most importantly, economically by designing a package that includes all your insurance needs. Many time by using the same insurer for the home, cars and umbrella. Just think about the arrogance and audacity of these insurers the next time you see one of their advertisements and remember who's here, day in and day out, addressing the whole needs of Florida residents. Bissell & Associates Insurance, Inc.

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