If your ATV is stolen or badly damaged, a proper ATV insurance coverage can help protect your investment.
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ATV Insurance Jacksonville

Whether you're a weekend enthusiast or use your all-terrain vehicle on the farm, having an ATV is a lot of fun, but it is also a big investment. When it is time for you to hit the dirt, make certain you have the right ATV insurance for your recreational vehicle. Bissell & Associates has the expertise and experience to offer you the best ATV insurance in Jacksonville with a plan designed for your individual riding situation.

In North Florida, four wheel riders are lucky enough to have a network of privately owned and state-managed trails. But, most facilities require basic licensing and insurance to ride. Plus, you wouldn't buy an eight thousand dollar car and not insure it, so why put that kind of money into a side-by-side offroad vehicle and not have the protection you need.

Just think about what can happen if you don't have the right ATV insurance. What if someone steals it or runs into your all terrain vehicle while it is parked. To make sure your buggy, quad, side by side, ATV or dirt bike you own is properly protected, contact Bissell & Associates. We are a leading provider of off-road vehicle and ATV insurance in Jacksonville. Call today to learn more about insuring all of your toys, farm vehicles and hunting ATVs.

What Florida Laws Affect ATVs?

In Florida there are several laws and regulations pertaining to All Terrain Vehicles.  For example if an ATV is operated on public land it must be titled though state registration of the title is not required.  All ATV riders under the age of 16 must wear a helmet and have eye protection at all times.  It is illegal to drive ATVs on paved roads throughout Florida.  These laws are regulated by the Department of HIghway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Where Can I Ride My ATV In Jacksonville?

Mud Muckers:  In Flagler County between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville is an ATV riders paradise.  With 19,000 acres of trailriding this amazing park offers overnight camping and hot showers with some of the best trails available in the area.

North Florida Raceway:  Featuring a red-clay track with tons of rythm sections and technical jumps the Raceway is one of the areas favorite ATV hotspots.  Located just 30 minutes north of Jacksonville on US1, you're sure to have a fantastic time.

Osceola National Forest:  Located in Baker County this national forest features amazing ATV trails taking you through the woods, the mud and the water.  You won't find a more beautiful place to ride in all of North Florida.

St. Marys Shaols Park:  With over 2500 acres available to off-roading this is truly a riders dream.  Be sure to visit the West side of the park that features an extensive trail system maintained specifically for ATV riders.