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Boat Insurance in Jacksonville

With nearly one million registered boats in Florida, no legitimate agency can cater to the preferred homeowner and not be prepared to insure all of the vehicles that the client owns. At Bissell & Associates, we have the boat insurance to protect all of your favorite toys.

The age of your boat, what your boat is used for and where you plan to operate your boat are all important variables to consider when choosing the right insurance coverage. Either individually or in a package, we stand ready to offer you the best combination of boat and watercraft insurance in Jacksonville with coverage at a price you can afford.

Together with motorcycles, RVs and ATVs, North Florida has a huge population of people in need of recreational vehicle insurance. Since we represent several of the industry's leading insurance carriers for these types of policies, Bissell & Associates can design a unique package that will fit your specific needs without busting your budget.

Do I Need Insurance On A Personal Watercraft in Jacksonville?

In Jacksonville, personal watercraft insurance is a must to protect your Jet Ski, Wave Runner or Sea-Doo. These small, fast water scooters do not have external propellers making them safer for swimmers or wildlife.  However, due to their speed and maneuverability, these affordable recreational vehicles are involved in more accidents than most boats.

Aside from the obvious hazard of collisions, personal watercraft insurance is also needed to protect the vehicle's driver and passengers. Unlike boats, high-powered watercraft tend to eject passengers when on-the-water incidences and falls occur. Having ample medical and liability insurance coverage can keep jet skiing fun while protecting your investments.

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