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Collector Car Insurance Jacksonville

Do you need collector car insurance for your vintage roadster or muscle car? Bissell & Associates offers low rates, a variety of coverage options, generous mileage, agreed value and roadside assistance for flatbed towing.

These vehicles aren't just a way to cruise around town. They represent a significant investment that should continue to appreciate in coming years. Since not all classic cars are used in the same way, Bissell & Associates can accommodate your specific needs for insurance coverage. We can deliver the right policy based on your vehicle's age, modifications and miles driven to ensure you are not overpaying or paying for coverage that you don't need.

If your passion is true vintage automobiles, we have access to the best coverage in this niche area and can arrange the proper insurance program for your favorite vehicles. Agreed value and mileage discounts are just some of the options available to the classic car enthusiast. We can also work with you to bundle other insurance packages such as Auto, Homeowners or Recreational Vehicle Insurance to help you get the most for your insurance dollars.

Call Bissell & Associates today and discuss your options for collector car insurance in Jacksonville with a qualified agent.

What Types Of Historical Plates Does FL Offer?

Florida is home to tens of thousands of classic car lovers.  The DMV helps drivers show their pride with 4 types of license plates for collector cars:

  1. STREET ROD - DMV:  If you own a modified vehicle manufactured before 1949 that has been fitted with a specialized engine, driveline, suspension, brakes or other major components manufactured after 1949, you can qualify for a red "Street Rod" tag.  These are non-permanent plates which require annual renewal.

  2. ANTIQUE:  This lighte blue plate is available for unmodified cars, trucks and motorcycles manufactured in or after 1946.  Qualifying vehicles must be equipped with an engine 30 years old or older and the vehicle must be at least 30 years old.  Like the first tag, these are non-permanent tags you must renew every year.

  3. HORSELESS CARRIAGE - DMV:  Also known as the "Ancient" tag this plate features a red background and is agailable for unmodified cars, trucks and motorcycles manufacutred in or before 1945.  Qualifying vehicles must weigh 5,000 lbs or less.  Unlike Antique and Street Rod tags, these plates are permanent and do not require annual renewal.

  4. AUTHENTICATED:  These plates come in various colors, sizes and numbering systems and typically feature "SUNSHINE STATE" and are also known as Year Of Manufacture (YOM) tags.  These are a bit trickier as you need a Florida license plate made in 1975 or earlier with a county code and class code which match the year your vehicle was made.  The vehicle must also be manufactured in or before 1975 but does not have to match the county and class codes mentioned.