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Motorcycle Insurance Jacksonville

Florida is one of the most popular states for motorcycle riding because of the incredible weather enjoyed year-round.  Add to that Daytona's Bike Week which draws approximately 500,000 riders and motorcycle enthusiasts annually over the 10 day event.  With all the bikers in the Sunshine state and Jacksonville, motorcycle insurance is a must not only to protect you but also your ride. 

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Does Florida Law Require Motorcycle Helmets?

Helmets have been proven to save lives in many motorcycle crash situations. Many states have enacted universal helmet laws that require the use of a riding helmet by all drivers regardless of age or riding experience. However, there are still 28 states that have only a partial helmet law with exceptions for some groups of riders and 3 states have no helmet law at all. 

Florida's state laws are somewhat confusing when it comes to requirements for motorcycle insurance. In Jacksonville, if you own your bike and are over 21 years of age, Florida law does not require that you carry motorcycle insurance as long as you carry a minimum $10,000 in medical coverage and have adequate liability protection. However, some financing companies require full coverage to issue a loan. Generally speaking, the coverage you have for your car or truck does not cover you when riding your motorcycle, and PIP insurance is not available for motorcycles

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What License Do I Need To Drive A Motorcycle In Florida?

As of July 1, 2008 the State of Florida requres all new motorcyclists to pass the Basic Rider Course offered through the Florida Rider Training Program in order to obtain a Motorcycle Endorsment on their drivers license or to get a motorcycle only license. 

Three-wheeled motorcycles like the Can-Am Spyder have become increasingly popular among younger drivers.  Florida Law requires you complete the S/TEP (Sidecar / Trike Evaluation Program) in order to legally operate these vehicles on the road.  Passing this program does not entitle you to drive a standard motorcycle however.  You will have an "S" restriction placed on your license which indicates you can only drive three-wheeled bikes.