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Business Insurance Jacksonville

Bissell & Associates can help you minimize your risks as a business owner. We can save you money on many business insurance products. Maximize your savings on professional liability, workers compensation, commercial vehicle and commercial property insurance. Use the convenient "Click to Call Us Now" feature at the top of this web page to speak directly with an agent. We can help you manage your risks with proven insurance products to include:

When you work with Bissell & Associates to manage your company's portfolio risks, you will save time and money. Our qualified agents can put together the best combination of business insurance products for protecting your company's physical property while reducing your exposure to liability claims. You will never have to deal with multiple agencies when you choose Bissell & Associates as your business insurance provider.

Commercial Property Insurance

Our commercial property policies cover real estate and any other property that a business or corporation owns. We can also provide coverage for tenants' improvements and betterments. Typically, commercial property policies are purchased based on the property's Actual Value (AV) or its Replacement Value (RV). AV is the replacement cost for the property minus depreciation. RV is the cost of replacing the property without allowance for depreciation. Our experienced staff will recommend different commercial property insurance policies to protect your business's property against different risks and perils. If you own a Florida business, call Bissell & Associates to discuss your needs for this type of coverage.

Business Liability Insurance

Mistakes happen every day as businesses produce products, distribute goods and provide services. Business Liability Insurance has become a necessity for protecting your company's assets. Bissell & Associates has been helping our Jacksonville businesses cover their risks without busting their budgets. No matter how baseless a claim is against your company, you will benefit from having the right liability insurance in place for errors & omissions, directors & officers and employment practice liability. Use the convenient Click to Call Us Now feature at the top of this web page and ask to speak with an agent to have your questions answered as to how business liability coverage can protect your company's assets.

Workers Comp Insurance

Bissell & Associates understands the importance of staying on top of changes in the requirements for employers regarding workers compensation insurance in the State of Florida. Our agents will work closely with you to determine the best products with the right features to meet your business needs for work comp coverage. The program that we design for you will be based on your company's unique factors including what your company does, how many employees you have and what products/services you provide. If your workers comp insurance plan is already putting a strain on your business's budget, give us a call at 904-396-1711 and let our staff review your workers compensation policy. Our goal is to save you money without adding risk to your portfolio.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Selecting the right commercial auto insurance for your business can be a time consuming endeavor. Bissell & Associates can help you choose the best commercial auto plan to protect your business's fleet of work vehicles or just your company car. When you put drivers on the street in a company vehicle, your business has to have a cost-effective approach to managing the risks. We have auto insurance programs designed to cover a broad range of business types that can be customized based on your situation and needs. Our commercial auto insurance plans offer protection for all of your small business vehicles and drivers. If you are looking for commercial auto insurance, use our website's convenient Click to Call Us Now feature and our agents will answer all of your questions about our lines of commercial auto coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance

The growing size of awards in professional malpractice claims has changed how most businesses approach managing their professional liability insurance programs. In the event that a customer alleges damages (usually a financial loss) that were the result of business negligence or malpractice, a professional liability policy can add protection not covered under your general liability policy. Any customer can bring a lawsuit against your company if they can prove that their damages were caused by your company's actions or lack of actions. We can help you select the best professional liability policy to offset the costs for legal defense and for payment of any resulting judgments against your company's business practices.

Trucking Insurance

Whether your company sends your fleet on long hauls or just around the neighborhood for local deliveries, Bissell & Associates offers affordable trucking insurance plans to meet your needs. Managing your business's exposure and reducing your company's risks are ongoing tasks for any business owner whose day-to-day operations rely on trucks for deliveries, service calls or distribution of products. We offer a variety of plans for commercial truck coverage to include tractor-trailer rigs, delivery trucks and pickup trucks. A company that is well established will be able to meet your needs for trucking insurance much better than less experienced agencies.

Reduce the Cost of Business Insurance

Our experienced staff of professionals is ready to discuss steps that your business can take to reduce your company's risks while also reducing the overall costs of your collective insurance programs. Working with Bissell & Associates, you can eliminate the need for dealing with multiple insurance agencies and save time managing your business portfolio. We provide a comprehensive and economical approach to installing the commercial coverage plans that fit your company's needs. Stop wasting money and let Bissell & Associates show you the best ways to manage your risks.