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Commercial Liability Insurance Jacksonville

Bissell & Associates is proud to represent an entire menu of General Liability Insurance possibilities for all types of business. Whether you are a contractor, main street retail business or a professional office, we can tailor a program to fit your needs. Nearly every business has risks associated with their operations both on and off premises, and General Liability Coverage from Bissell & Associates will protect your company from legal problems arising from those operations. Coverage can be written separately or packaged together with other coverage to increase your discount possibilities. Coverage limits are available up to $2,000,000 per person and $2,000,000 Aggregate, and most come with affordable monthly payments. Call Bissell & Associates, experts in commercial general liability insurance in Jacksonville and North Florida.

What Types Of Liabilities Are Covered?

There are several common areas where businesses can be held liable.  Our commercial liability policies are designed to handle several of the following:

  • Product Liability:  This type of coverage is unique to manufacturers, distributors and importers of goods.  This insurance protects your business against unexpected injuries caused by your product, product defects and insufficient warning labels.

  • Surety Bonding:  This coverage is designed for those working as contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers and other similar trades.

  • Errors & Omissions:  For claims resulting from a miscalculation, breach of contract, random error or malicious intent, this type of liability protection has you covered.

  • Premesis Liability:  Slip & fall accidents are a common occurrence, especially in our litigous society.  People injured on your property are legally allowed to sue you for medical injuries and other related damages.

  • General Liability:  As a "catch all" umbrella coverage this type of policy extends the limits of the other policies in your portfolio.