Can An Employee Who Has An Accident Sue Me? “YES”
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Workers Compensation Insurance in Jacksonville

Run a Jacksonville business and wonder about Workers compensation insurance? Also known as workmans comp insurance, this coverage is written for small to large employers in virtually all fields of operations, and includes both Guaranteed Cost and Dividend programs. Workers compensation insurance is generally a mandatory type of insurance carried my many business. This type of insurance also protects companies from being sued by employees who may have been injured from unfavorable work place conditions. For the larger Jacksonville employer, retro plans can be designed to reduce upfront costs plus allow for huge savings over the cost of traditional insurance.

Bissell & Associates has four carriers actively writing Workers Compensation Insurance, with access to several more for certain specialty situations. Construction trades, professionals such as legal or medical offices, and retail or wholesale operations are just a few of the classes of employment where we excel. Call our offices in Jacksonville, Florida to get a quote for your business.

Why Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

The State of Florida requires employers to carry workers compensation insurance under Chapter 440, F.S.  As specifically outlined here, companies with 4 or more full or part-time employees are required to carry coverage.  Industries such as construction and farming have their own special set of rules and regulations. 

These types of policies protect both the employer and the employee by handling statutory obligations that naturally arrise with employment.  These can include: workplace injuries, illness due to workplace exposure and more.  Some injuries are not covered under Florida law and include: mental or nervous injury due to stress, excitement or fright; an injury resulting from fear or dislike of a co-worker or customer.  Common "pain and suffering" claims are also not supported by the law.