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Residential Property Insurance Jacksonville

Residential Property Insurance is a necessary investment that you make to cover unexpected damages to your property from any unforeseen event. In addition to protecting your home, you will need this coverage to protect your assets from liability claims that happen on your property. Bissell & Associates has been helping Jacksonville and North Florida residents manage their risks with the best residential property insurance policies to include:

The concept of property insurance came into being because of man's search for wealth. Over time, he acquired assets that were very expensive and increasingly more costly to replace. Today, the majority of an individual's or family's wealth is the house and the personal contents contained in the home. At Bissell & Associates, our experienced agents can help you select the right coverage at the best price.

Homeowner's Coverage

If you are buying a home, your mortgage company will establish a minimum requirement for insurance protection against damages to your house or property. Without homeowner's coverage, you could lose all the money you have invested in your home due to a catastrophic event. A basic homeowner's policy will normally provide protection for damages to your home from natural disasters, accidental fires, theft and vandalism. Homeowner's policies can have exclusions for damages caused by floods and earthquakes. Make certain your exclusions are covered. Use the convenient "Click to Call Us Now" website feature at the top of the page to speak with a Bissell & Associates agent. We are always ready to answer your questions and to discuss your needs for purchasing additional coverage.

Dwelling Fire Coverage

Dwelling Fire policies provide coverage against damages to property caused by fire, explosion or smoke. These policies can be appropriate for a variety of exposures not covered by an individual's homeowner's policy. These policies are typically used to insure residential properties that are either occupied by a tenant or occupied by a homeowner who wants less comprehensive coverage than traditional homeowner policies provide. Our Dwelling Insurance is a standard fire insurance policy designed for protecting seasonal properties, mobile homes, log cabins, cottages and other properties not located at your primary residence. You can always elect to add other coverage like liability, theft and loss of use to your dwelling policy as needed.

Renters and Condominium Coverage

Apartment renters and Condominium owners need a policy designed specifically for their unique needs. A Jacksonville renter's policy covers the personal contents, loss of use and premises liability, just as in a regular Homeowners policy. Renters insurance coverage can still be extended to include replacement costs and scheduled high value items. Condo unit owners need insurance, and like renters don't require structure coverage but do have a greater responsibility for the interior of their unit. Typically, condominium unit owners own everything from the bare walls inward, including cabinets, countertops, flooring and wall covering. The condo policy has all the typical endorsements in a Homeowners policy available including Replacement Cost on personal contents and Loss Assessment coverage for losses to "common elements" such as community garages and clubhouses.

Flood Coverage

Flood Insurance coverage is also available to protect your home and contents from damages caused by an overflow of inland or tidal waters, rapid accumulation of runoff waters, mudflows or a collapse of land along a shoreline. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not find out that their homeowners policy does not provide coverage for disasters caused by flood until after the fact. Most mortgage companies today dictate a dollar amount of flood coverage and limit the policy's maximum deductible. If you would like to review your policy's Declaration Page with an experienced agent, use the Click to Call Us Now feature at the top of the web page.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Lawyers are great at winning sizeable settlements for personal injury lawsuits. Personal umbrella insurance is designed to provide additional coverage for protecting your assets in the event that you are deemed to have been negligent for damages sustained beyond the limits of your homeowner's insurance policy. By purchasing an umbrella policy, you can add millions in additional coverage that will not kick in until the limits of your other policies have been reached. Once considered a necessity for the rich, umbrella coverage is now recommended for every homeowner. If you would like to learn more about personal liability insurance and how to use an umbrella policy, call us and ask to speak with an agent. Our goal is always keep you covered without busting your budget.

Reduce the Cost of Residential Property Insurance

We discussed several personal steps that you can take to reduce the overall cost of residential property insurance premiums. You learned that if you increase your policy's deductible*, you can lower your monthly premiums for the same amount of insurance coverage. You know that it is generally recommended to select a homeowner's policy with a deductible as high as you can afford but with adequate protection for replacing your assets. You know to install security systems, sprinklers and fire extinguishers to protect your assets and reduce your homeowner's insurance costs. You learned that by insuring your home with a one-stop insurance provider that you may qualify for special rates or discounts. In most situations, your homeowner's policy will be escrowed along with your monthly mortgage payment but if you are currently paying separately, call Bissell & Associates to see if you qualify for payment options.

*Your deductible is your out-of-pocket cost. For example, if your home is worth $100,000 with a 2% deductible and your damages are $20,000; then the 2% or $2000 is deducted from the $20,000 in damages and the insurance carrier will reimburse $18,000 toward the repair of your property.