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Homeowners Insurance Jacksonville

Homeowners Insurance is an important investment for protection of your home and other personal assets. Whether you currently own your home or are a prospective homebuyer, Bissell & Associates can help you select the best coverage for your needs. Buying the right protection for personal property is crucial for today's homeowner. Our qualified agents are ready to assist you with selecting your homeowner's coverage. Call us today; we can answer your questions concerning coverage plans for any of the Florida homeowner provisions we have listed:

  1. Home (or Dwelling) - The most important aspect of your homeowners policy is the provision to pay for damage or destruction to your house, unattached structures and other buildings, i.e., privacy fence, attached garage, screened enclosure, etc.
  2. Personal Property - This is coverage for the contents of your house, including furniture, clothing, household appliances and other tangible property that was damaged, stolen or destroyed by an event like weather, vandalism or theft.
  3. Liability Insurance - Important financial protection in the event that you are sued and determined to be responsible for someone else's injuries or damages.
  4. Medical Payments - Covers the unexpected medical bills for anyone injured on your property.
  5. Loss of Use - Pays for the additional cost of living expenses incurred when your home is deemed uninhabitable due to a loss covered by your homeowner's policy. Most standard Homeowners policies reimburse a percentage of your insurance coverage.

Buying a Homeowners Policy

A home is the most expensive purchase that most individuals or couples ever make. We know how important it is to protect your investments. Our goal is to make certain that you understand the coverage you are buying. Some of the factors that might affect your policy's premium are listed below:

  • Age of the Home - The construction date of your personal property plays a role in how your carrier will determine your monthly insurance premium. Older homes often have a higher probability of being damaged and contain materials that are actually more expensive to replace.
  • Type of Construction - Whether or not your home is constructed of brick, masonry, wood frame or a combination of materials, it can affect your monthly premium.
  • Building Materials - Homes built during various eras were constructed with materials that might benefit you or require a higher premium for a homeowner's coverage. Electrical wiring, wall insulation, roofing materials and double windows are just a few of the more important building material factors.
  • Location of Dwelling - Naturally, homes built where hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes occur are at higher risk for experiencing a catastrophic event. We have 38 years of experience writing homeowners insurance policies in Florida.
  • Safety Protection - All homes today should be equipped with smoke detection and smoke alarm systems. Insurance carriers recognize the benefits of an alarm system, especially those contracted with a 24-hour response service. Often homeowners will receive a discount for having a system installed. Fire sprinkler systems and high-impact storm windows are also premium savers.
  • Claims History - Insurance carriers may impose a higher monthly premium on an individual with a history of property damage claims.

We hope your family never experiences a mishap. However, if you do need to file a claim, Bissell & Associates will always be there to help.

Bissell & Associates for Homeowners Insurance

Our team understands that disasters always cause unexpected expenses. We work closely with you to make certain your homeowner's policy will provide your family with adequate homeowner's coverage. Our agents will explain exactly what is covered by your policy and for what percentage of the replacement value that you can expect as reimbursement. Sometimes we can help you save money by including specified "up to" values for personal property that may not be covered for 100% replacement value. Our agents will recommend the homeowner's coverage you need to protect your assets, but the ultimate decision is yours to make. If you are a home owner in need of house insurance, fill out our Contact form, or dial 904-396-1711 to speak directly with an agent.