Worried? You should be. With America’s love affair with lawsuits, you can’t afford not to have an umbrella policy.
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Personal Umbrella Insurance Jacksonville

The Personal Umbrella may be one of the best values available for the cost of all the policies we sell. A Personal Umbrella extends the liability portion of the underlying Auto, Homeowners, R/V, Boat or Motorcycle policies to the limit selected in the Personal Umbrella. Assuming all underlying policies meet minimum coverage requirements, it is not uncommon for a $1 Million Personal Umbrella to cost under $250/year, a terrific value for critical coverage in today's litigious legal climate. Families that feel the need to protect themselves fully need the benefits of a Personal Umbrella from Bissell & Associates in Jacksonville. In some cases, we may be able to insure your Home, Auto and Umbrella with the same company. But if not, Bissell & Associates represents several stand-alone Umbrella carriers and can design coverage that's right for you. Contact one of our insurance experts today.

How Can An Umbrella Policy Protect Me?

Your personal umbrella has you covered.  By securing the lifestyle you've worked so hard to build this policy protects your most valuable assets from legal liability claims.  From your retirement and college funds to your tangible assets and "nest egg" the coverage extension provided by these types of policies keeps greedy litigators at bay. 

Here is a great example.  Let's say you are sued for $1 million after someone becomes injured on your property and your homeowners policy only covers $500,000 in damages.  The remaining $500,000 that needs to be paid will come out of your assets unless you have a personal umbrella policy.  The plans offered by Bissell & Associates protect you and your family by paying these types of claims that exceed the liability limits of your other policies. 

Who Should Get Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Originally developed as a tool for the rich this is no longer the case.  Everyone who drives a car, owns a home or condo, operates a boat, motorcycle, RV or ATV is potentially at risk.  Don't be left vulnerable by the limits of your coverage, get the complete protection you need now and contact Bissell & Associates using the quick form on the right.