Renters Insurance is an Inexpensive way to Protect Your Personal Property
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Renters Insurance Jacksonville

Duval County has a high number of renters spread over its 918 square miles. Renting can provide several advantages over home ownership, including a reduced cost to insure your personal property.  Even though your property's owner insurance will cover any structural damage to the building when disaster occurs, it does not furnish protection for your personal belongings. An affordable renter's insurance policy from Bissell & Associates will provide many great features found in a basic homeowners policy, but without the additional costs of insuring the dwelling itself.

Personal contents, loss of use and premises liability are provided by a renter's inurance policy the same way they are with a homeowners policy.  That means if someone is injured while visiting your rented home or apartment, your renters insurance can save you from having to pay for damages and/or personal injuries as an out-of-pocket expense. Plus, all of your personal belongings are protected from basic damages and loss.

In addition, Florida renter's insurance can be extended to include replacement costs coverage as well as scheduled high-value personal items, such as antiques, jewelry, heirlooms and collectibles.

Can My Landlord Require Renter's Insurance?

While the laws vary state-to-state renters are noticing a stronger push from property owners to secure a policy before they are allowed to move in.  Often this pressure is not coming directly from the owner but from the owner's insurance carrier.  Though policies are relatively inexpensive, if you haven't budgeted for this expense and are already looking at paying out-of-pocket for a security deposit and first month's rent, another expense can be a burden.  For those living in multi-family units, such as apartment complexes, forcing all tennants to carry a renter's insurance policy is a way to protect the other residents in the building.

What is Condominium Insurance?

Condo unit owners, like renters, don't require structure coverage but have a greater responsibility for the interior of their unit. Typically, condominium unit owners own everything from the bare walls inward, including cabinets, countertops, flooring and wall covering. The condo unit owner has all the typical endorsements in a Homeowners Insurance policy available including Replacement Cost on personal contents and Loss Assessment coverage for losses to "common elements" such as community garages and clubhouses. Call Bissell & Associates in Jacksonville, Florida today to discuss your Renter's Policy or Condo Insurance needs.